Home Learning

Click the button above for our Fronter portal. Here you will find a collection of resources provided to supplement the topics being covered in school  You will need to click on the Login with Atomwide USO button and enter your Fronter / Atomwide user account details to access this content.  Please note that due to a technical difficulty some parents and children may have had difficulty logging into Fronter. This matter has now been resolved and you should be able to access the portal using the individual login accounts stated on the letter you received. If for any reason you do not have these details, please contact with the school so they can be forwarded to you.

Click on the button above for Espresso Primary, a vast collection of videos, photos, activities and printable documents.  You will need to use the login details you received in the Home Learning letter to access this content.  Please ask at the school office for details if you have mislaid this. Please note that the school has a limited number of logins per day. Whilst the school remains closed due to health considerations please be considerate to other users and login no more than once or twice a day.

Click on the button above for lots of fun maths activities.  You will need to have a subscription to Mathletics to be able to use this resource. If you have not yet registered for Mathletics you can arranged this through your child’s class teacher. The annual subscription price (November to November) is £7.50.

Click the button above to access the MyMaths website where you can select maths activities from subject and year group menus. You will need to use the login details below. Please note that these login details are to access the general website. To access as an individual you will need your child’s own login details. Please contact the school if you do not possess these.

  • Username: houns
  • Password: seven

Click the button above to access the 2Simple activities, 2Type, and 2Simple City. This software has been paid for by the school for you to use at home. 2Simple activities are designed for younger children while the 2Type software has lots of games designed to improve your child’s keyboard skills. These two 2Simple titles are amongst others the school uses in its ICT suite and will become increasingly familiar to your children.

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) hosts a large collection of software titles. It is a community consisting of online resources run for the thirty-three boroughs of London. To gain access to the resources you will need to login using your child’s Atomwide USO account details that you also use for Fronter. The resources are organized under subject or key stage headings within the Learning Resources area.
Oxford Reading Owls is a collection of reading resources organized by year group, including online books, related comprehension, phonics and tips on how to get the most out of reading with your child. Register for free for full use.
Top Marks. A collection of motivating games and activities across the primary key stages and subject areas.
ICT Games. Great interactive English and Maths content.
Note that you might see an advert for another website at the top of the homepage. Ignore this and go to the English and Maths activities below.
The Think U Know website has information on making your child aware about potential dangers on the Internet.