Parental Support Group

My name is Marion Ryan.

My role is to offer information, support and advice to parents and carers  to help enhance the education, achievement and life changes of you and your child.

I also organise courses for parents and carers, help with ideas on how to support your child at home with Literacy & Numeracy and help give you an insight into what your child is learning in school.

This term I am running a group for Year 2 parents who have English as an additional language; those whose main language may not be English and feel they need support with their children’s education and maybe also with the English language themselves.  Although this group is now full, similar groups will run throughout the year.  We will keep you informed through letters or hear on the school website.

Please note that as a result of Covid restrictions and for everyone’s safety, the parent support group is not running at this time. We hope to be able to resume the group in the summer term.