Reception – Weekly Curriculum Newsletter

This is the page for Reception weekly planning. Our weekly planning is available from the Reception Weekly planning link below and we will also be communicating with Reception parents via the Nursery Facebook page which you can access through this link

Parents and carers are asked to direct all general inquiries to the school office at or by phone on 
020-8570-2562. If you need to communicate directly with your child’s class teacher, please use the email address, remembering to state the member of staff you wish to communicate with.

Children in the early years make excellent progress and benefit from a stimulating environment and outstanding care and support from the staff.

Ofsted Report 2015

Try our Home Learning Phonics games by clicking on the download buttons below and printing off the games.
You will need a die numbered one to six and a counter for each player, such as a coin or small toy. Have fun!

Please click on the link above to find the weekly planning for Reception classes.  This will show you the activities your child will be involved with this week.  You may wish to use this information to help support your child’s learning from home.  Don’t forget, you can also visit our Home Learning provision by using Fronter.

Please note that occasionally activities, times and venues may differ to those indicated at short notice as a result of adverse weather or other unforeseen events.