School Policies and Procedures

All Policies are available as paper copies from the school office.

Subject Access Requests

Time Period For Responding

The School has one calendar month to respond to a SAR. This will run from either the day after the request has been received or from the day when any additional identification or other information requested is received, or payment of any required fee has been received.

In circumstances where the School is in any reasonable doubt as to the identity of the requester, this period will not commence unless and until sufficient information has been provided by the requester as to their identity, and in the case of a third party requester, the written authorisation of the data subject has been received.

The period for response may be extended by a further two calendar months in relation to complex requests. What constitutes a complex request will depend on the particular nature of the request. The DPO must always be consulted in determining whether a request is sufficiently complex as to extend the response period.

Where a request is considered to be sufficiently complex as to require an extension of the period for response, the School will need to notify the requester within one calendar month of receiving the request, together with reasons as to why this extension is considered necessary.

School Closure Periods

Requests received during or just before school closure periods will not be able to be responded to within the one calendar month response period. This is because the School will be closed and staff will not be on site in order to comply with the request or review emails during this period. As a result, it is unlikely that your request will be received during this time (and so the time period does not run until we receive the request). We may not be able to acknowledge your request during this time (i.e. until a time we receive the request) and the time period may not start until the School re-opens.

The School will endeavour to comply with requests as soon as possible and will keep in communication with you as far as possible. If your request is urgent, please provide your request during term times and not during/close to closure periods. A copy of the Subject Access Requests Policy is available on request.

COVID-19 Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

e-Safety Policy

Admission Statement

Charging and Remissions Policy

Values and Ethos statement

Behaviour Policy

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