Hounslow Heath School

English As An Additional Language

At Hounslow Heath we are committed to ensuring that every child succeeds and reaches their full potential. We are all dedicated to raising the achievement and attainment of pupils with EAL enabling them to do the best they can within a positive, supportive, secure and safe learning.

Through a quality parent partnership, rigorous assessment and monitoring, the school will identify individual pupil’s needs and recognise and build on the skills they bring to school. Through quality first teaching based on experiences and talk, we aim to meet the language needs of our learners.

Our pupils come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of language skills. We have a high number of children arriving with English as an additional language, or in some cases, with no English. Our main aim is to settle the children as quickly as possible, into school life; to encourage them to take part in the daily routines and structures, which will help them to develop, not only an understanding of the academic aspects of English, but the use of our language as a social interaction.

Our aim is for EAL pupils to become fluent speakers of English and to access the school Curriculum as fully as possible.

EAL learners make the best progress within a whole school context, where pupils are educated with their peers. Our school environment promotes language development through the rich use of language. The school structure and overall ethos help EAL pupils integrate into the school whilst valuing diversity.Multilingualism is viewed as a positive and life enriching asset. Parents and prospective parents will be provided with the particulars of our EAL provision.

The EAL Team at Hounslow Heath School work very closely with the whole school in order to:

-       Provide a welcoming environment in which pupils will learn most effectively.

-       Provide support to pupils with EAL needs.

-       Prepare lesson plans specific to EAL Learner’s needs and deliver

-       Plan and Pre-teach tailormade lessons to targeted pupils using learning styles most appropriate to EAL Learners.

-       Provide an inclusive curriculum.

-       Promote home languages in the school and classroom and use these to aid pupils learning.

-       Monitor pupil’s progress regularly against the EAL Stages (DFE Proficiency in English).

-       Assess pupils in class and set targets based on their assessments.

-       Ensure pupils are making progress and are able to access the school curriculum.

-       Support EAL pupils who are at risk of under achievement.

-       Celebrate pupil achievements in class and/or assemblies.