Hounslow Heath School

School Day

Following the amalgamation, the opening and closing times for Hounslow Heath School remain unchanged. As in 2023, at the start of the day gates open for EYFS and Key Stage 1 at 8.40am for a start at 8.50am, and gates open for Key Stage 2 at 8.30am for a start at 8.45am. 

The only change in 2024, is that the gates between the EYFS/Key Stage 1 site and the Key Stage 2 site will be open in the morning, at the start of the day, to allow Key Stage 2 pupils only to enter the KS2 site from the EYFS/Key Stage 1 site.

The full overview of the school day for year groups is available below:   

Overview of the School Day for Hounslow Heath School